Prayers Day46 … Morning

( Luke 6:38, Gal 6:10 ) Dear God, I want goodness to flow freely from my life as a testimony to Your goodness. Amen

Prayers Day59… evening

( Eph 3:12 , Heb 4:16 ) Heavenly Father, You are holy and good. I’m in awe that because of Jesus, I can come into Your presence. Thank You! Amen

Please advice me cause I'm so confused

I have this strong feeling that my younger brother is Gay... I have some facts right about my feelings / instincts but I'm scared of asking him cause I think k knowing the truth will break Me. We are very close and I know if I ask him, he will tell me the truth. My dilemma is should I ask him?? What if he truly is and it breaks Me?? Should I just l...

Prayers Day63… Evening

( James 3:18, Eccl 4:9 ) Dear Lord, Your example of loving others seems impossible to follow sometimes but I can do it with Your Spirit helping me. Thank You! Amen

Prayers Day37 … evening

( Matt 6:14, Dan 9:9 ) Dear Lord, the enemy wants me to remember my sins and let guilt distance me from You. But You forgive and forget my sins. Please erase my guilty feelings and hold me close. Amen

Prayers Day62…evening

( John 6:35, Psalm 37:4 ) Dear God, thank You that You are the he satisfaction of every true need I have. You fill me up and make me whole and I praise You Lord! Amen

Prayers Day44 … evening

( Rom 11:33, Prov 11:24-25 ) Dear God, Your gifts are so good and I want to honor You in the way I use and share them. Amen

Prayers Day88…evening

( 1John 3:14, 1Pet 2:17 ) Dear God, I don’t want to love others only when it’s easy. Help me to love fellow believers well no matter what the circumstances. Amen

Prayers Day29 … Morning

( Rom 1:12, Eph 4:29 ) God, I want the conversations I have to honor You and encourage others. Help me to control my tongue and speak in love so that I can grow closer to others and to You. Amen

Prayers Day26 … Morning

( Matt 6:21 , Matt 6:21 ) Dear Lord, please fill my life. Help me never to look elsewhere for the satisfaction and fulfillment that only You can offer. Amen

Prayers Day82…evening

( 1John 3:16, Rom 5:8 ) Dear Lord, You paid the price for my sin and I can never repay You but I choose to live my life in honor of and in gratitude to You. Amen

Prayers Day46 … evening

( Psalm 107:9, Psalm 31:19 ) Father, Your goodness means You’ll always be caring and providing for me. Not necessarily all my wants but all my needs always. Thank You Lord. Amen

Prayers Day86…evening

( Titus 2:4, Mark 10:6-9 ) Dear Lord, please help my husband and me to love each other to the best of our ability by constantly looking toward You. Amen

Prayers Day74…morning

( 1Thes 5:18, James 1:17 ) Father, please open my eyes to Your goodness and Your presence in all circumstances and in all of creation. You are amazing and I’m endlessly grateful for Your love. Amen

Prayers Day58 … evening

( Rom 12:12, Jer 33:3 ) Dear Lord, what a joy it is to come to You in prayer. Help me to be in constant conversation with You. Amen