Prayers Day83…evening

( John 15:4, 1John4:7 ) Father God, Please keep me close to You. You are the give of life and Love. Amen

Prayers Day77…morning

( Psalm 18:20, Col 2:10 ) Dear God, I give every part of my life to You. Please fit them all together to make me whole and able to do Your will. Amen

Prayers Day71…evening

( Eph 4:29, Psalm 19:14 ) Father, help me choose my words carefully. Forgive me and help me apologize when I fail. I want to please You with my words. Amen

Prayers Day70…evening

( Psalm 121:3, Matt 11:28 ) Oh Father, thank You for being my protector, my provider, my comforter and my source of true rest. Amen

Prayers Day70… Morning

( psalm 63:6, 4:8 ) Father God, Please calm my anxious thoughts; take my worries and fears and give me the rest that comes from trusting in Your power and goodness. Amen

Prayers Day69…Morning

( James 2:22, 1Cor 15:58 ) Dear Father, taking to road to follow and serve You is hard sometimes, especially when I can’t see what’s ahead. I know for certain that You are good and just, and I trust You to care for me and help me do Your will. Amen

Prayers Day64… morning

( Psalm 119:114, Psalm 51:10 ) Lord, I long for the renewal that comes from spending uninterrupted time alone with You. Please refresh me. Amen

Prayers Day54… evening

( 1 Cor 7:4, Heb 13:4 ) Dear God, I give my marriage to You to guide and direct. Please help us to honor You and love like You do. Amen

Prayers Day51… morning

( 1 Pet2:2-3, Eph 4:32 ) Father, our cruel world needs kindness so much. Help me to overflow with Your kindness so it spills onto others. Amen

Prayers Day50… evening

( James 1:2-3, Rom 15:13 ) His help me to appreciate the troubles that come my way. It’s so much easier said than done but I know troubles draw me closer to You and for that I’m thankful. Amen

Prayers Day49… morning

( James 5:15-16 ) Father God, I pray Your will be done, not mine. Help me to trust You for perfect healing in whatever way You see fit. Amen

Prayers Day48 … morning

( Heb 12:2, Matt 16:24 ) Dear Jesus, I know You’re always leading me in the right direction. Help me not to go off course. Amen

Prayers Day47 … morning

( Eph 2:8, 1 Cor15:10 ) Dear Father, when the enemy starts whispering that I need to do more to earn Your favor or atone for my sins, remind me it’s Your grace that covers me. Thank You for such an indescribable gift! Amen

Prayers Day42 … evening

( Gal 5:22-23, John 15:1-2 ) Dear Father, help me to keep my heart and life ready and willing for You to produce good fruit in me. Amen

Prayers Day42 … morning

( John 15:16, Matt 12:33 ) Dear Lord, thank You for Your Word that nourishes and equips me. Amen