Prayers Day29 … Morning

( Rom 1:12, Eph 4:29 ) God, I want the conversations I have to honor You and encourage others. Help me to control my tongue and speak in love so that I can grow closer to others and to You. Amen

Prayers Day28 … evening

( Mark 9:24 , Prov 3:5 ) Father, please erase my doubts when faith is faltering. Please fix my eyes on You. Amen

Prayers Day 28 … Morning

( James 1:6 , Mark 11:23 ) Almighty God, please increase my faith in You. I believe You can do absolutely anything. Amen

Prayers Day27 … Evening

( Heb 6:10 , 12 ) Dear God, I want to show others my devotion to You. Help me genuinely and actively love those You have placed around me. Amen

Prayers Day27 … Morning

( Acts 2:42 , Psalm 1:2 ) Father, please remind me daily that true devotion means living my life fully committed to You and sharing Your love. Amen

Prayers Day26 … Evening

( Psalms 37:4 , Psalms 40:8 ) Father God, thank You for Your endless, unwavering love for me. I don’t know where I’d be without It! Thank You Lord. Amen

Prayers Day26 … Morning

( Matt 6:21 , Matt 6:21 ) Dear Lord, please fill my life. Help me never to look elsewhere for the satisfaction and fulfillment that only You can offer. Amen

Prayers Day25 … Evening

( Deu 28:1 , 2Cor 5:9-10 ) Father, You are welcome into my life and into all of my choices. I know You always want what is best for me. Amen

Prayers Day25 … Morning

(Phil 1:9-10 , Prov 16:16 ) Dear Lord, help me to think through each decision I make. I so desperately need Your wisdom Lord. Amen

Prayers Day24 … Evening

( Psalms 37:23-24, Isiah 58:11 ) Father, I trust You and Your love for me. Help me to come to You for wisdom in all of my choices. Amen

Prayers Day24 … Morning

( Prov 16:33, Psalms 32:8 ) Heavenly Father, thank you that I never have to make a Dec on my own. You are with me, guiding me on the right path. Amen

Prayers Day23 … Evening

( Psalms 119:105, Deu 5:33 ) Lord, help me better prioritize my schedule so I’m spending quality time with you. Amen

Prayers Day23 …. Morning

( Josh 22:5, Psalms 119:133 ) Please, dear Father, guide my steps to keep me walking closely with You. Amen

Prayers Day22 … Evening

(Psalms 16:11, Psalms 25:4-5 ) Dear God of the universe, how amazing it is to think You are right here with me every moment of every day. I want to live a life pleasing to You always. Amen

Prayers Day22 … Morning

( Psalms 84:10, Psalms 90:12 ) Heavenly Father, only You know the time I have here on earth, so please show me Your will and how best I can serve You. Amen