Prayers Day60… evening

( Eph 5:21, Luke 10:27 ) Dear Lord, help me to put my priorities in perspective of what You want for me. Amen

Prayers Day60… morning

( Matt 6:33, Luke 12:34 ) Dear God, I want to live and live in a way that makes You proud. I want to put You first in everything. Amen

Prayers Day59… evening

( Eph 3:12 , Heb 4:16 ) Heavenly Father, You are holy and good. I’m in awe that because of Jesus, I can come into Your presence. Thank You! Amen

Prayers Day59 … morning

( Psalm 116:9, Exodus 33:14 ) Father God, help me to realize You are near in every moment of everyday with each breath I take. Amen

Prayers Day58 … evening

( Mark 11:24 , Luke 11:9 ) Dear Lord, help me to align my will with Yours. I want Your best in all things. Amen

Prayers Day58 … evening

( Rom 12:12, Jer 33:3 ) Dear Lord, what a joy it is to come to You in prayer. Help me to be in constant conversation with You. Amen

Prayers Day57 … evening

( 2Cor 4:7, Acts 1:8 ) Almighty God, thank You for Your matchless power. There is no one like You and I praise You for the power You place within me to accomplish good things to build Your kingdom. Amen

Prayers Day57 … morning

( 2thes 1:11, 2Tim 1:7 ) Almighty God, I need your power so much in a world Thais becoming more and more opposed to You and Your Son. Help me do Your will with Your strength. Amen

Prayers Day56…evening

( 2 Pet3:15 , Col 1:10-11 ) Father, what would I do without Your patience with me? It seems endless, since I fail again and again. Thank You! Please help me to extend patience to others since I’ve received so much. Amen

Prayers Day56… morning

( James 1:4, Rom 8:25 ) Oh Lord, it is so hard to practice patience the way I should. Teach me the value of waiting with the right attitude and learning from You during those times. Amen

Prayers Day55… evening

( Rom 1:20, Col 1:16 ) Almighty God, Your creation amazes me and testifies to Your magnificence! You are awesome and worthy of Praise! Amen

Prayers Day55… morning

( Heb 11:3, Gen 2:7 ) Father, Your creation is amazing, down to the tiniest detail. Thank You for also caring about all of my details. Amen

Prayers Day54… evening

( 1 Cor 7:4, Heb 13:4 ) Dear God, I give my marriage to You to guide and direct. Please help us to honor You and love like You do. Amen

Prayers Day54 … Morning

( Prov 31:10, Prov 18:22 ) Dear God, help me to put my husband’s need before my own. I know You will bless this kind of love. Amen

Prayers Day53… evening

( Matt 28:20, Josh 1:5 ) Dear Lord, help me to feel Your presence. Let me be comforted with Your spirit and Your Word. I know You are here. Thank you for never leaving me. Amen