Prayers Day69…Morning

( James 2:22, 1Cor 15:58 ) Dear Father, taking to road to follow and serve You is hard sometimes, especially when I can’t see what’s ahead. I know for certain that You are good and just, and I trust You to care for me and help me do Your will. Amen

Prayers Day68… evening

( 2Tim 1:7, 2Pet 1:5-7 ) Dear God, I need Your powerful Holy Spirit so desperately to control my actions and words in ways that honor You. Please help me Lord. Amen

Prayers Day68…morning

( Prov 16:32, 25:28 ) Dear God, in a world that celebrates selfishness, I need help to control my selfish desires and tendencies. Thank You for giving me Your spirit to empower me. Amen

Prayers Day67… evening

( Prov 19:23, Matt 10:28 ) Almighty God, I stand in awe of Your power and might! Who am I that You love and care for me? But You do, I am so grateful! Amen

Prayers Day67…morning

( Rom 8:38, Psalm 40:2 ) Oh Father, I find security and peace in Your loving arms that care for me. Thank You!

Prayers Day66…evening

( 1Tim 6:11-12, Psalm 106:3 ) Dear God, thank You for the unchanging stability and peace You offer. I want to live a righteous life. Amen

Prayers Day65…morning

( Matt 11:28, Gen 2:2-3 ) Dear Lord, You created the Sabbath for a reason. Please remind me to take time to rest and worship You. Amen

Prayers Day64…evening

( Isiah 40:31 , 2Cor 4:16 ) Father God, I come to You weak and weary. Please take my weariness and replace it with Your energy and strength. Amen

Prayers Day64… morning

( Psalm 119:114, Psalm 51:10 ) Lord, I long for the renewal that comes from spending uninterrupted time alone with You. Please refresh me. Amen

Prayers Day63… Evening

( James 3:18, Eccl 4:9 ) Dear Lord, Your example of loving others seems impossible to follow sometimes but I can do it with Your Spirit helping me. Thank You! Amen

Prayers Day63…Morning

( 1John 3:23 , 1Cor 13:7-8 ) Dear Father, help me to reach out to others in friendship even when it might feel uncomfortable to do so. Help me to love all People like You do. Amen

Prayers Day62…evening

( John 6:35, Psalm 37:4 ) Dear God, thank You that You are the he satisfaction of every true need I have. You fill me up and make me whole and I praise You Lord! Amen

Prayers Day62…Morning

( 2 Cor 9:8 , Phil 4:19 ) Dear Lord, please give me wisdom to know what are truly needs in my life and what are just wants. Thank You for Your perfect provision. Amen

Prayers Day61…evening

( Psalm 9:9-10, Psalm 16:8 ) Father God, regardless of the storms in my life, I know You are my haven. Thank You! Amen

Prayers Day61… Morning

( 1Pet 1:5, Psalm 31:14-15 ) Sovereign God, help me not to fear but to trust that my times are in Your hands. Amen