Prayers Day82…Morning

( John 3:16, John 15:13 ) Dear Jesus, I believe You died and rose again to save me from my sins. Thank You for saving me because of Your great love! Amen

Prayers Day81…evening

( Eph 3:19, Psalm36:5 ) Dear Father, Your endless, immeasurable Love is what carries me and strengthens me. I praise You and love You so dearly. Amen

Prayers Day81… Morning

( Psalm 103:11-12, Rom 8:38-39 ) Father God, I can’t even begin to say how grateful I am for Your love. Thank You that it has no boundaries or conditions. Amen

Prayers Day80…evening

( Phil 2:9-10, Psalm 66:4 ) Dear Lord, I bow before You today in awe of Your glory and majesty. I praise You for all You are and all You do! Amen

Prayers Day80…morning

( Psalm 34:9, Isiah 12:5 ) Father God, I am in awe at how much You care for me. Please help me to focus on You in worship every single day. I want to be praising You constantly. Amen

Prayers Day79…evening

( Gal 6:4, 1Cor 15:58 ) Dear Lord, it’s hard not to compare myself and my work to others. Please help me keep my eyes fixed on You doing my best work and simply loving those around me. Amen

Prayers Day78… Morning

( Col 3:17, 2Tim 2:15 ) Father, help me to remember that You are the one I’m ultimately working for no matter what the task. I want to praise You with every bit of my efforts. Amen

Prayers Day78…evening

( Eccl 8:1, Prov 3:13 ) Father God, Please rub off on me more and more each day. I want to be like You and to love others like You do. Amen

Prayers Day78…morning

( Psalm 111:10, James 1:5 ) Dear God, Please fill me with Your wisdom. I trust You and am so thankful to learn from You! Amen

Prayers Day77…evening

( Col 1:17 , 1Pet 1:5 ) Father, thank You for the healing only You can bring to any type of injury whether internal or external. Thank You for the times You provide healing on this earth. Remind me that one day You will give eternal healing for all the pain of this world. I praise You Lord! Amen

Prayers Day77…morning

( Psalm 18:20, Col 2:10 ) Dear God, I give every part of my life to You. Please fit them all together to make me whole and able to do Your will. Amen

Prayers Day76…evening

( Psalms 130:6, 27:14 ) Dear Father, waiting can be hard; please let me see it as a blessing, a time for You to teach me good lessons. Amen

Prayers Day76…morning

( Isiah 30:18, 40:31 ) Father, please strengthen me in my waiting times. I don’t always understand Your schedule but I know it’s perfect. Amen

Prayers Day75…evening

( Phil 4:8, 1Pet 1:13 ) Dear Lord, help me to fix my eyes, my heart, my mind and my hope on You. When I do, my thoughts and my life can only be filled with good things. Thank you Lord. Amen

Prayers Day75…morning

( Psalm 51:10 , 2Cor 10:5 ) Dear Lord, when my thoughts begin to wander to things that are not good for me, help me to rein them in and fill my mind with You. Amen