Prayer Day151…evening

( Romans 12:20, 12:14 ) Loving Father, please change my will to Yours in regard to my enemies. I cannot love them on my own, but I can let You use me to show love. Amen

Prayer Day151…morning

( Matt 5:44, Prov 24:17 ) Father God, only with Your strength an I choose to pray for someone that hurt me. I want to do Your will in this matter, so please help me. Amen

Prayer Day150…evening

( Eph 6:18, Col 4:2 ) Sovereign God, I feel so impatient at times when I’m waiting for Your answers. Please remind me that You always respond to my prayers with the best answer at the best time. Amen

Prayer Day150…morning

( 1thes 5:17, Rom 12:12 ) Dear Father, forgive me when I want You to change Your perfect timing to fit my schedule. I trust You with every moment of my life. Amen

Prayer Day149…evening

( James 5:16, Acts 12:5 ) Father God, help us Christian’s to know the awesome power of joining together in prayer. Help us to do so regularly for all things so that we might further Your kingdom. Amen

Prayer Day149…morning

( 1Thes 5:25, Rom 15:30 ) Dear Father, please make me humble. Let me never be too proud to ask other believers for prayer. Amen

Prayer Day148…evening

( Luke 12:33, Eph 3:20 ) Heavenly Father, I give my life and possessions and finances to do Your will. I trust that You are working and blessing in ways that are much bigger than I can imagine. Amen

Prayer Day148…morning

( Rev 22:14, Matt 6:19-20) Everlasting Father, I’m not living for this world; I’m living for eternity with You. I choose to obey You here on earth until the day I reach my heavenly home. Please help me Lord. Amen

Prayer Day147…evening

( Heb 10:36, Isiah 30:18 ) Father God, remind me daily that Your timing is far different than mine and Yours is perfect. Please give me patience and peace while I wait for You. Amen

Prayer Day147… Morning

( Deu 28:2, Prov 3:5-6 ) Loving Father, remind me everyday that I can’t lean on my own understanding when it comes to obedience and blessings m. I will keep obeying You as I trust that You see me, care for me and doing what is best for me. Amen

Prayer Day146…evening

( Eph 5:8, Isiah 42:16 ) Loving Savior, thank You for Your light that ruins all the dark things in me. Amen

Prayer Day146…morning

( John 1:4, 8:12 ) Dear Lord, everything is brighter and clearer in my life because of Your shine light. I thank You and praise You! Amen

Prayer Day145…evening

( 1Cor 15:43, Rev 21:4 ) Everlasting God, I look forward to spending eternity with You with a new and perfect body that will never know pain or sadness. Amen

Prayer Day145…morning

( 2Cor 4:16, Psalm 73:26 ) Dear Lord, aging means nothing in comparison to the refreshing renewal You offer me day by day. Thank You! Amen

Prayer Day144…evening

( Luke 6:35, 1John 4:8 ) Almighty God, I need Your power to keep following Jesus and trying to be more like Him. Help me to live every part of my life as a testimony for You. Amen