Prayer Day91… evening

( 2Cor 8:7, Acts 20:35 ) Dear God, You have given me so much than I deserve. Help me to be an excellent giver just like You. Amen

Prayers Day91…morning

( 1John 3:17, Prov 19:17 ) Dear God, Please show me those who are truly needy and help me know how to help them. Amen

Prayers Day90…evening

( Psalm 89:1-2, Rom 8:39 ) Oh Lord, how wonderful it is to be filled with Your love! I never want my praise for You to stop flowing! Amen

Prayers Day90…Morning

( Zeph 3:17, 2Thes 3:5 ) Dear God, help me never to ignore the nudges in my heart when You’re directing me how to share Your love. Amen

Prayers Day89…evening

( 2Thes 1:3, Prov 21:21 ) Dear Lord, please empower me to extend Your amazing grace in the difficult relationships in my life especially the ones at work. Amen

Prayers Day89 … morning

( 1Cor 8:1, 1John 4:11 ) Dear Father, help me to love my coworkers well in a way that builds them up and points them to You. Amen

Prayers Day88…evening

( 1John 3:14, 1Pet 2:17 ) Dear God, I don’t want to love others only when it’s easy. Help me to love fellow believers well no matter what the circumstances. Amen

Prayers Day88…Morning

( Heb 6:10, John 13:35 ) Dear Lord, when you look on me, I want You to be pleased especially by the way I treat fellow believers. Help me to encourage them in their faith with kindness and love. Amen

Prayers Day87…evening

( Luke 6:27, 2thes 3:5 ) Lord, please destroy the walls in the relationships I’ve had that ended badly. Please show me how to help restore these relationships with love according to Your will. Amen

Prayers Day87…Morning

( Matt 5:44, Prov 25:21-22 ) Lord, You know my enemies and You know how I need to show them love. I can’t possibly do it on my own so please give me wisdom and fill me with Your supernatural love. Amen

Prayers Day86…evening

( Titus 2:4, Mark 10:6-9 ) Dear Lord, please help my husband and me to love each other to the best of our ability by constantly looking toward You. Amen

Prayers Day86… Morning

( Eph 5:33, Prov 18:22) Dear Lord, thank You for my husband. Help me to love him well and be the best wife I can be. Amen

Prayers Day85…evening

( 2 Cor 9:6-7, Luke 6:30-31 ) Dear God, when I want to tighten my grip on my mon y and possessions, please remind me that everything I have comes from You and You have called me to give generously. Amen

Prayers Day85…morning

( Matt 22:37-38, Psalm 31:23 ) Father, help me to be faithful to You. Thank You for Your faithfulness to me. Amen

Prayers Day84…evening

( 1John 4:19, Psalm 103: 8-10 ) Dear Father, I want to be abounding in Your love, patient with others and slow to get angry. Help me to love more like You do. Amen