Prayers Day99…Morning

( 1Cor 13:4-5, 2 Tim 2:24 ) Dear Father, help me to wait patiently and when I’m loosing my patience, please help me to hold on to You. Amen

Prayers Day98…evening

( Matt 22:37, Deu 13:3-4 ) Dear God, I want to grow in my love for You. Please shape me into the person You want me to become. Amen

Prayers Day98…morning

( Prov 3:12, Heb 12:11 ) Dear Father, help me view Your discipline as a blessing, a sign of Your great love for me. Thank You for reeling me back in when I need it. Amen

Prayers Day97…evening

( Deu 7:9, Prov 16:7 ) Dear Father, I fall short so many times but You never do. Thank You! Help me to obey You more and more each day. Amen

Prayers Day97…morning

( John 14:23-24, Deu 10:12 ) Father God, I want to obey You. When my flesh and selfish desires make me disobey, please bring me to repentance and get me back on track. Amen

Prayer Day96…evening

( Zeph 3:17, Psalm 4:8) Heavenly Father, thank you for holding me safe in Your arms, the only place I can find true comfor and peace. Amen

Prayer Day96…morning

( 1John 4:18, Psalm 56:3 ) Dear God, Please drive out the fear that’s gripping me. Your love is so much more powerful and I trust You. Amen

Prayers Day95…evening

( Jer 31:3, 1John 5:9 ) Dear Lord, remind me that I never need to be afraid to come to You in prayer no matter how angry I might feel abou my circumstances. Thank you for never rejecting me. Amen

Prayers Day95…morning

( Psalm 66:20, 103:8 ) Dear Father, I’m so thankful I can be completely honest when I’m talking with You. You know my every thought. Please help me to deal with angry feelings according to Your will. Amen

Prayers Day94…evening

( Psalm 42:8, 55:17 ) Dear Father, as I fall asleep each night, I give my worries and cares to You knowing that I can rest secure in all things. Amen

Prayers Day94…morning

( Dan 9:4, Jer 33:3 ) Almighty God, to be in communication with You is an amazing blessing. Thank You for the gift of Your Son, who saved me and allows me to come before You in prayer and praise. Amen

Prayers Day93…evening

( Prov 17:9, Eph 4:31-32 ) Dear Lord, You never make me wait for forgiveness. It’s immediate when I come to You in repentance. Help me to forgive quickly just like You do. Amen

Prayers Day93…morning

( Luke 7:47, 1Pet 4:8 ) Dear Father, thank You for the big way You forgive me again and again. I want to love much and forgive much too. Amen

Prayers Day92…evening

( Prov 10:12, Matt 6:14-15 ) Dear Lord, please empower me to let love cover over the offenses that have been done to me. Give me wisdom to know when and how much to trust again. Amen

Prayers Day92…Morning

( Luke 22:47 - 48 ) Dear Lord, You know well how awful it feels to be betrayed yet You chose to forgive and keep on loving. Help me to do thesame. Amen