Prayer Day106…evening

( Matt 19:15, Psalm 127:3 ) Dear Father, please remind me every moment what a gift my children are and what a gift all children are. Thank you for my precious little ones. Amen

Prayer Day106…morning

( Prov 22:6, 29:15 ) Heavenly Father, parenting seems like the hardest job in the world sometimes yet it is so very worth it. Please help me to teach my children well. Amen

Prayer Day105…evening

( Psalm 119:1, 33:21 ) Dear God, Please remind me that true hope and joy come from living my life for You. Amen

Prayer Day105…morning

( Prov 10:28, Psalm 43:5 ) Dear Father, forgive me for the times I begin to You’ve deserted me. You’ve promised that will never happen. My hope is in You alone. Amen

Prayers Day104…evening

( Rom 15:13, Num 6:24-25 ) Father, please bring to mind all those who need Your special blessing today so that I may pray Your Word and Your blessings over them. Amen

Prayers Day104…Morning

( 1Cor 4:12, Rom 12:14 ) Dear Lord, help me to learn from Your example and to bless even those who curse me. Amen

Prayers Day103…evening

( Matt 6:27, Psalm 94:19 ) Dear Father, please forgive me for many times I give in to anxiety. I know I can trust You. Please help me to remember that You are in control. Amen

Prayer Day103…morning

( Matt 6:34, Psalm 55:22 ) Father, why do I even think that worry helps anything? Help me to turn all my worries into prayers that draw me closer to You and help me trust in You more. Amen

Prayers Day102…evening

( John 14:1, 14:27 ) Father, it’s mind boggling to think that You have even the hairs on my head numbered. How silly I am to ever doubt You. I believe You know me intimately and want what’s best for me. Thank You Lord. Amen

Prayers Day102…morning

( Phil 4:6, 1Pet 5:7 ). Dear God, thank you for wanting to take all my cares and concerns away from me. Help me to give them to You and fill me with Your precious peace. Amen

Prayer Day101… evening

( 1Tim 2:8, James 1:20 ) Dear God, help me to rid myself of anger toward others. When I bring them before You in prayer, help me to be filled with Your love for them. Amen

Prayers Day101…morning

( James 1:19, Prov 15:1 ) Dear Father, it takes a huge amount of self-control to hold my tongue when I want to let loose with angry words. Help me to keep a tight rein on my tongue. Amen

Prayers Day100…evening

( Eph 4:29, Heb 10:24 ) Dear God, help me to guard my lips and speak words that are helpful, loving and kind. Amen

Prayers Day100… morning

( Heb 3:13, Prov 12:25 ) Dear Father, I want my words to be a blessing to others not a curse. Help me build up those around me. Amen

Prayers Day99… evening

( Prov 14:29, James 5:8 ) Father, help me to stop and take a deep breath when I’m loosing my patience before I act or respond in haste or anger. In that moment, please fill me with supernatural patience that comes only from You. Amen