Prayer Day114…morning

( 2Tim 2:13, 1Cor 1:9 ) Dear Lord, thank You that Your faithfulness is never dependent on mine. Your constant, unchanging, perfect nature is what gives me strength, confidence and hope. Amen

Prayer Day113…evening

( Jer 29:11, 1Cor 2:9 ) Father God, thank You that because I have accepted Jesus as my savior, the end of my faith story will be spending Eternity in a perfect paradise with You. What peace there is in knowing the end of my story. Hallelujah. Amen

Prayer Day113…morning

( Heb 12:2, Prov 3:5-6 ) Heavenly Father, my story of faith won’t be perfect but I want to make the best of it and I want to encourage others and point them to You as our only source of salvation, our hope for a perfect eternity. Amen

Prayer Day112…evening

( Psalm 5:11, 1thes 5:16 ) Dear Lord, to think I have eternity in paradise with You waiting for me at the end of this earthly life is too wonderful to fully comprehend. Thank You! Amen

Prayers Day112…morning

( Psalm 16:11, Phil 4:4 ) Dear God, there is no greater joy than to know You and to be able to come to Your presence because of Jesus. Make me a good testimony of that joy to others so that they will want to know You. Amen

Prayer Day111…evening

( Psalm 119:89, Heb 5:9 ) Dear God, in a world that changes daily, I’m so thankful that You are constant and trustworthy. Help me to stand firm and confident in You. Amen

Prayer Day111…morning

( Psalm 93:2, Eccl 3:11 ) Almighty God, my mind can’t really comprehend Your eternal existence but I trust in it and I’m so thankful for Your sovereign power over all times and places and people. Amen

Prayer Day110…evening

( Psalm 25:8, Jude22 ) Dear God, Please forgive me for the sin that is blocking my communication with You. I want to come into Your presence cleanser by You and able to hear Your still, small voice. Amen

Prayer Day110…morning

( John 14:6, Mark 11:23 ) Dear God, You are worthy of my trust and I have no need to doubt You. Help me to listen to and believe in You. Amen

Prayer Day109…evening

( 1John 2:25, John 5:24 ) Dear Father, thank You for the salvation You provide and for Your promises of eternal life. Though my heart is aching, I believe in You and Your promises. Amen

Prayer Day109…morning

( 1Cor 15:55, Rom 10:13 ) Dear Father, You know how badly I hurt for the loved ones I have lost. Please comfort me and remind me of the hope we have in You and the eternal home we have in heaven. Amen

Prayer Day108…evening

( Psalm 23:1, Phil 4:11 ) Dear Lord, thank You for being my shepherd who cares for me and fulfills me in every way. Amen

Prayer Day108…morning

( 1Tim 6:6, Prov 19:23 ) Dear Lord, help me never to depend on money for my security and contentment. Those can come only from You. Amen

Prayer Day107…evening

( 2Cor 1:5, Isiah 66:13 ) Dear Father, help me to see the blessing in trials realizing that they allow me to feel Your presence and comfort even more. Amen

Prayer Day107… morning

( 2Cor 1:4, 2:7 ) Dear God, You are constantly comforting me. Help me in turn to offer comfort to others when they are hurting. Amen