Prayer Day121…evening

( 2Cor 9:7, Acts 20:35 ) Dear Father, help me to delight in the joy of giving to others. I want to be generous like You a Be cheerful about it. Amen

Prayer Day121…morning

( 2Cor 9:6, Luke 6:38 ) Dear God, remind me often that Your spiritual gifts and blessings are so much more valuable than any possession or money I might try to hold on to. Amen

Prayer Day120…evening

( James 4:4, Prov 12:26 ) Dear Lord, please give me wisdom in my relationships so that I can choose friendships that honor You. Amen

Prayer Day120… morning

( Prov 18:24, John 15:15 ) Dear Lord, thank You for being the very best kind of Friend. Amen

Prayer Day119…evening

( James 4:8-10, 2Cor 7:10 ) Father, I thank You for the kind of sorrow that brings me to repentance. You pardon me, cleanse me and comfort me again and again and I’m so grateful. Amen

Prayer Day119…morning

( Matt 5:4, Psalm 51:1-3 ) Holy Father, please forgive me for all my sins. I don’t ask You this often enough. Make me aware of and miserable because of my sin so that I will want to flee from it and run closer to You. Amen

Prayer Day118…evening

( 1Tim 5:8, Prov 31:28 ) Father, help me show my mother and every other woman in my life who have helped me just how much they mean to me. Amen

Prayer Day118…morning

( Ex 20:12, Prov 20:20 ) Heavenly Father, I may not always agree with my parents but I can respect them and show them deep love and appreciation for giving me life and raising me. Please help me to love them well. Amen

Prayer Day117…evening

( Prov 14:1, Rom 15:1-2 ) Dear Father, help me to be building a home with a firm foundation on Your Word and a warmth that comes from Your love. Amen

Prayer Day117…morning

( Eph 5:33, 1Cor 13:5 ) Dear Father, I want my home and marriage to shine a light that attracts people to You. Please show me what to do to make our light shine brighter. Amen

Prayer Day116…evening

( James 2:20, Matt 5:16 ) Dear Father, help my words about You and about my faith to match up with my works, which should always be done to honor You. Amen

Prayer Day116…morning

( Gal 3:11, Eph 2:8-9 ) Dear God, I don’t just want to be following rules; I want to be following You. Help me to obey You out of love. I want to change the world for Your glory. Amen

Prayer Day115…evening

( Psalm 148:13, Heb 11:1 ) Almighty God, I know You are at work even when Your actions are not always seen clearly with our physical eyes. Please increase my faith in Your power and good works here on earth until that day when You return and all will see and now before You. Amen

Prayer Day115…morning

( 2Cor 5:7, 4:18 ) Heavenly Father, there is so much to distract my art here on earth. Please keep my ultimate focus on what is unseen—the glory and truth of You and Your Word. Amen

Prayer Day114…evening

( Deu 32:4, Heb 10:23 ) Holy God, help me to remember that Your ways are not the ways of frail human beings. You are always fair and just, even when I don’t understand how. Please give me patient, wisdom , trusting that You are working all things together for good. Amen