Prayer Day129…Morning

( Psalm 149:4, Zeph 3:17 ) Dear Father, thank You for Your deep, delightful love for me. It means so much to me. Amen

Prayer Day128…evening

( Eph 2:18, 3:12 ) Gracious God, Please forgive me if my sins and help me with all my troubles. I can do nothing without You but anything is possible with You guiding and loving me. Amen

Prayer Day128…morning

( Heb 4:16, Psalm 121:2 ) Almighty God, I bow before You so grateful and amazed that I can come to You with my concerns and to confess my sins. Thank You for Your great mercy and love for me. Amen

Prayer Day127…evening

( Deu 7:9, 2Tim 2:13 ) God of Jacob, You are my God too and I want to Lea a legacy to those after me that I trusted in You and let You work in my life. I’m so thankful to Your child. Amen

Prayer Day127…morning

( Psalm 146:5-6, 33:4 ) Everlasting God, when I am struggling to trust You, please draw me to Your Word and remind me how You’ve provided for and protected generation after generation of people who call You Lord. Amen

Prayer Day126…evening

( Heb13:5, Jer 32:17 ) Dear Heavenly Father, You constant presence is such a comfort and strength for me. Thank You for always being near and never leaving me to do things on my own. Amen

Prayer Day126…morning

( Matt 19:26, Luke 1:37 ) Almighty God, I give this impossible situation over to You. Help me to stop fretting over it and truly trust that nothing is too hard for You. I know You are at work here. Amen

Prayers Day125…evening

( Psalm 91:4, 27:5 ) Dear heavenly Fatger, thank You for Your supernatural protection and for the peaceful haven. You always provide for me. Amen

Prayer Day125…morning

( Psalm 62:8, Isiah 8:13 ) Dear God, You alone are Lord of my life. I give You all my fears and come to You as my faithful refuge. Amen

Prayer Day124…evening

( Eph 6:10, Matt 12:36 ) Dear God, when I’m trying my best to live for You and everything seems to be going wrong, please remind me that one day You will make all things right. Amen

Prayer Day124…morning

( Psalm 94:22, Gal 5:1 ) Dear Lord, I can’t stand up under opposition on my own. Please help me to stand firm when others are speaking against me because of my faith in You. Amen

Prayer Day123…evening

( 2Cor 6:18, Gal 4:6 ) Dear Abba Daddy, thank You for calling me to be Your child. Amen

Prayer Day123…morning

( Isiah 9:6, 1John 3:1 ) Dear Heavenly Father, I call You for my every need and You are always with me. You are so precious to me. Amen

Prayer Day122…evening

( 2Cor 1:3, Psalm 103:2-4 ) Gracious Father, please forgive me when I focus on my pain rather than on Your provision and care. Please draw me closer while I’m hurting. Amen

Prayer Day122…Morning

( Psalm 68:5, Mark 6:34 ) Dear God, thank You for Your tenderness. You are the one true, almighty God, yet You are gentle and loving too and I am grateful. Amen