Prayers Day21 … Evening

( Prov 3:5-6 , Phil 4:13 ) Dear Father, it’s hard to face my problems head-on. I’d rather just run from them. Please give me strength and courage and help me act on them according to Your will. Amen

Prayers Day21 … Morning

( psalms 138:3 , 1Chron 28:20 ) Father God, please remind me everyday that no matter what causes fear and anxiety within me, You can give me the courage and ability to face it and conquer it. Amen

Prayers Day20 … Evening

( Eph 6:10 , Deu 31:6 ) Dear Lord, I want to live in awe of You and Your power and holiness. Thank You that I can come to You in grace. Amen

Prayers Day20 … Morning

( Heb 10:19 , Psalms 31:24 ) Dear Lord, thank you that Jesus has covered my sin with His precious blood and I have nothing to fear when I stand before You. Amen

Prayers Day19 … Evening

( Provs 3:26 , Provs 14:26 ) Dear God, I want all my confidence to be in You. You are so good and loving and gracious to me. Help me to always remember this Lord! Amen

Prayers Day19 … Morning

( 1Cor 10:12, 2Cor 3:5 ) Almighty God, please humble me and remind me that everything I am and everything I can do comes from you. Amen

Prayers Day18… Evening

( Matt 19: 14, Matt 18:10 ) Father, remind me daily that You love my children even more than I do. Please give me peace as I trust You to care for them. Amen

Prayers Day18 … Morning

( Heb 11:23, Psalms 139:13-14 ) Heavenly Father, I am so blessed to be Your child and I’m so thankful for Your love and Protection of me and the extraordinary children You’ve given me. Amen

Prayers Day17 … Evening

( Matt 6:31-34) Oh Father Lord, it’s so hard not to worry sometimes. Help me to choose, moment by moment, to let You lift my anxious burdens as I come to You in Prayer. Amen

Prayers Day17 … Morning

( Phil 4:6 , Phil 4:19 ) Dear God, you are the only one who can provide all our needs. Your power and provision are sufficient in any and every circumstance. I trust You! Amen

Prayers Day16 … Evening

( Matt 11:28-29 , Phil 4:6 ) Right now I choose to place my worries, fears and anxious thoughts into your loving all-powerful care Lord. Thank you for being so dependable. Amen

Prayers Day16 … Morning

( Psalms 55:22, 1Pet 5:7 ) Father God, please forgive me for all the ways I worry. Your word tells me to give my anxiety to You in exchange for Your peace. Thank you Lord! Amen

Prayers Day15 … Evening

( James 1:17, John 1:16 ) Heavenly Father, I praise and Thank you for all you do in my life and all you have given me. May I never forget that all good things come from you. Amen

Prayers Day15 … Morning

( Acts 3:19-20 , Provs 10:22 ) Heavenly Father, help me to count daily all the blessings You have given me. I am so grateful and I want to be more aware of all Your blessings and grow in gratitude. Amen

Prayers Day14 … Evening

Dear Father, please remind me of the special blessings that come from walking by faith and not by sight. You are so good and generous, God! Thank you. Amen