He’s always using hurtful words. He loves me and I love him so much but he doesn’t know how to communicate and at every slightest disagreement, he always uses hurtful and terrible words on me that will make me feel very uncomfortable and less valuable or appreciated. Please what should I do?? I’m so confused We are already married… Please a...


My toddler can now say “Mummy” and I kinda miss her calling me “Mama” 😁. How do I make her keep calling me Mama???🙄

Harsh Realities

Barely 3 months after Mummy’s demise and Daddy wants to Re-Marry. I’m so Pained on Mummy’s behalf. Like they have been married for over 30years. How easy it is for him to move on in less than a year. Gosh!!! I have been keeping Malice with him(Daddy) since he told me about his plans and the new woman (I.e my step mum to be). Am I right to keep fig...


Some days can be quite hectic but still keeping the hope strong cause one can’t give up

The fear of Marriage

The fear of Marriage in this country is it even worth it??? You never hear them talk about husband material but there are so many whacked Men out there. The society makes men so full of themselves even the messed up ones. I genuinely so tired of all this crap honestly. How you even be dating someone as old as I am yet trying to play me pranks like...

I’m so scared

I’m so scared of labour pains, the fear of loosing my life or my baby is what I can’t shake away. May God help me sad

Please advice me cause I'm so confused

I have this strong feeling that my younger brother is Gay... I have some facts right about my feelings / instincts but I'm scared of asking him cause I think k knowing the truth will break Me. We are very close and I know if I ask him, he will tell me the truth. My dilemma is should I ask him?? What if he truly is and it breaks Me?? Should I just l...


Wow... the funniest thing about this motherhood thingy is that you cannot opt out one day as say: I no do again????. Once a Mum, Foreve and Ever a Mum !!!